Unleash your processor(s)


Vaclav Pech


Does your processor laugh at your code? Does it dawdle, travel over other processes, does it seem bored all the time? Is it sluggish instead of taking full engagement and focusing properly on the work at hand?

It's your old-styled code that's failing here, code, which has been written for the processor's single-core grandpa. We all live in a new era now, single-thread has been out of fashion for a while and certainly doesn't appeal to young processors.

I'd like to show you how to write  in modern fresh multi-threaded style, so popular with these processor youngsters, a style, which doesn't let them sleep. Write about brave Actors, lay Fork/Join, mention Parallel Arrays, call in Agents and ensure smooth Dataflow. The processors will adore you for that and will work tirelessly to read your code start to end as fast as possible while making your applications lightning-fast again.

If you want to harness all of the cores in modern multicore processors, this session is for you.

Level:   Intermediate
  Hardcore  Coding
  Java, Multicore processors
Session format:
Language:   English
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